Training and Research

Transport is an extremely complex issue which requires in-depth knowledge to adequately manage transport systems and design sustainable policies. Additionally, fast changing demands, progress in research and rapid innovations in transport systems require a constant update of the knowledge amongst decision makers, administrators and staff in the public and private sector. Since often expert or technical knowledge is not broad enough, an interdisciplinary approach is needed in order to achieve sustainability.

TCP International provides demand responsive training and conducts interdisciplinary research in all of our nine fields of competence.

Training is provided for high ranking decision makers as well as for administrators and staff according to your need. It ranges from theoretical and methodological subjects to hands-on practical instructions and technical solutions, such as specialised software. Our interdisciplinary expertise and pedagogic background allows us to cover a wide range of subjects:

  • training-needs-analysis;

  • development of curricula and lectures at universities and other higher training institutes;

  • design of training courses and training material;

  • organising and conducting training measures, workshops, seminars, technical conferences, e-learning courses and others;

  • speaker on technical conferences and seminars;

  • lecturing, coaching, mentoring and on-the-job-training;

  • training documentation and training evaluation;

  • conceptualisation and participation in research and pilot projects in all fields of competence.

TCP International conducts research for innovative transport systems and sustainability. To achieve this, a holistic approach is taken that combines our interdisciplinary expertise. Three directors of TCP International have gathered comprehensive experience as research assistants at universities which is reflected in a large number of scientific studies and publications. Clients are the

European Union

TCP International staff participated in the past RTD framework projects such as HEATCO, GRACE, ASSET, REFIT, WEATHER, COMPETE, IASON, STREAMS, SASI or FUNDING, and in ESPON projects such as ESPON 1.1.1, ESPON 2.1.1, ESPON 4.1.3, ESPON Accessibility Update.

Transport and Environment Ministries

TCP International staff participated in the past in several projects and programmes such as FOPS Programme (Germany), Integration of regional planning targets into federal transport planning (BVWP), or Integrated Urban Transport Project Stuttgart.

Public agencies

Clients in the past of TCP International staff include, inter alias, the International Railway Union (Costs of transport in Europe).

Development Cooperation

Entities. TCP International staff participated, inter alias, in pilot projects in Kenya on integrated rural transport services and logistics planning.

TCP International strives to find creative and innovative solutions for your transport problems. The extensive research activities guarantee that TCP International can provide up-to-date knowledge when training for a sustainable future.