Accessibility analysis Baltic Sea Region (BSR) (2006 - 2006)

Reference: Dr. Carsten Schürmann (RRG Spatial Planning and Geoinformation)
Customer: Interreg IIIB VASAB Secretariat, Rostock
Projectpartner: S&W Urban and Regional Research
Competences: Planning
Division: Transport Planning and Spatial Development
Contact: Dr. Carsten Schürmann


The objective of this study is to provide an up-to date picture of the accessibility situation of the BSR through a set of appropriate indicators. The study is organised along a number of different accessibility indicators: (i) car travel times to rail stations, (ii) car and rail travel times to commercial airports, (iii) lorry travel times to transport terminals, (iv) car and rail travel times to large cities, (v) travel times between BSR cities, (vi) multimodal potential accessibility to population and GDP, (vi) mobile telephone penetration and internet access. The analysis will be carried out for the territory of the BSR including the eligible areas in Russia and Belarus.


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