EUREGIO Air Accessibility (2018 - 2019)

Reference: TCP International
Customer: EUREGIO
Projectpartner: BEMA, Spatial Foresight, DTV Consultants
Competences: Planning
Division: Transport Planning and Spatial Development
Contact: Carsten Schürmann


A consortium led by TCP International, consisting of the BEMA research group at the University of Münster (WWU), Spatial Foresight, Luxembourg, and DTV Consultants, Breda, has been awarded by the EUREGIO to carry out a study on air accessibility of the German-Dutch border region. The study is divided into three work packages: Firstly, a comprehensive household and business survey shall reveal the needs and wishes of households and companies with regard to flight accessiblity (mobility needs). The second work package will analyse the land-side (car and public transport) and air accessibility of all airport relevant for the EUREGIO, on basis of current flight timetables (status-quo). The final step then is, by combining results of (1) and (2), to develop scenarios for the future development of the aviation sector in this border region in close cooperation with regional stakeholders (scenarios).


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