LogMos II - Logistic Processes and Motorways of the Sea (2011 - 2014)

Reference: Angelika Zwicky, Dr. Carsten Schürmann (RRG Spatial Planning and Geoinformation)
Customer: European Commission, EuropaAid, Brussels, Belgium
Projectpartner: Dornier Consulting, egis
Competences: Planning
Division: Transport and Sustainability
Contact: Angelika Zwicky


Development of long-term sustainable logistic transport infrastructures in East European, Caucasus and Central Asian countries, incl. identification and packaging of rail investment projects.


More Information
Link: http://www.traceca-org.org/en/technical-assistance/traceca-regional-project-logistics-processes-and-motorways-of-the-sea-ii/about-the-logmos-project/