Mass Transit PPP Feasibility Study, Quito, Ecuador (2006 - 2007)

Reference: Olaf Scholtz-Knobloch (OSK Consult)
Customer: Poyry, Municipality of Quito
Competences: Planning
Division: Transport Planning and Spatial Development
Contact: Olaf Scholtz-Knobloch


Analyses of existing public transport system (BRT / Trolley-Bus-System). Elaboration of upgrade strategies for the existing BRT-System and definition of mass transit corridors. Comparison study about different transport systems and election of the future mass transit system. Elaboration of a pre-feasibility study for the elected metro system including investment and operating cost estimation and elaboration of a proposal for reorganization of Bus-Feeder Lines including economical preview. Elaboration of an expert opinion on potential costs and revenues based on the above mentioned analyses and preliminary design options and traffic forecasts, evaluated financing options and recommended further actions for a B0T contract.


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