Reorganisation of the Transport Sector in Azerbaijan (2000 - 2002)

Reference: Angelika Zwicky
Customer: State Concerns for Rail, Road, Maritime and Civil Aviation, Azerbaijan; European Commission
Competences: Strategy
Division: Institution and Capacity Building
Contact: Angelika Zwicky


The scope of work focused on the following contents:

• in-depth analysis of the existing situation in the transport sector for all modes (road transport, road infrastructure, urban transport, rail transport, maritime transport and civil aviation) from an institutional point of view

• separation of functions in the transport sector and assigning them to different transport sector entities (functional design of the transport sector)

• elaboration of structural organisation, incl. organisational charts, task descriptions, staff requirements, budgets, constitutive documents etc., for the Ministry of Transport to be established

• commenting existing transport laws and recommending necessary amendments and changes on the basis of Western European transport sector approaches

• elaborating task descriptions for the executive level (transport administrations and agencies) with a specific focus on civil aviation and road transport

• guiding and advising on the transition process


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