EBRD Transport Sector Policy Evaluation (2010 )

Referenz von: Angelika Zwicky
Auftraggeber: EBRD, London
Geschäftsbereich: Strategie
Arbeitsschwerpunkt: Politik- und Strategieberatung
Ansprechpartner: Angelika Zwicky


The Bank's Evaluation Department was supported with following main tasks: - Review the evolution of the Bank's Transport Sector Policies and portfolio over time and their transition impact relevance; - the Bank's transport sector policy in the light of transport needs of (selected) countries of operation (Georgia and Albania); - evaluation of the implementation of the Bank's Transport Sector Policies; - results pertaining to previous and the current transport sector policy. Findings were discussed with the operational departments of the EBRD and supposed to serve as an input towards the EBRD new transport sector strategy.


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