TA to support the Jordanian Ministry of Transport in up-grading the three year national transport strategy and capacity building of the MoT (2008 - 2009)

Referenz von: Angelika Zwicky
Auftraggeber: European Commission, EuropeAid / Hydroplan
Geschäftsbereich: Strategie
Arbeitsschwerpunkt: Politik- und Strategieberatung, Personal- und Organisationsberatung
Ansprechpartner: Angelika Zwicky


Transportation is a key sector in Jordanian economy and serves the national economy essentially along the Aqaba-Amman corridor. It also plays an important role at the regional level in the transportation of goods and passengers to and from the neighbouring countries. In order to further develop this important sector, The Government of Jordan pursues its reform-oriented efforts as a response to the current economic situation by furthering its comprehensive privatization program (PPP Programme) and by strengthening of the MOT and other relevant agencies and organisations. The task of Angelika Zwicky was to conduct an in-depth review of the existing situation in the rail and rail-based public transport. Based on review findings and on discussions with counterparts, the strategic directives, objectives, results and activities and impacts were outlined. In a workshop with more then 300 high-ranking decision-makers of the private and public sector in transport, the strategy was disseminated, discussed and adopted. Furthermore, Angelika Zwicky advised the decision-makers in the Ministry of Transport on enhancing the efficiency of by institutional and capacity building measures of the Ministry and related agencies.


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