Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) help making transport safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Linking together individual user needs, infrastructure capacities and current operational situations through latest information and communication technologies, all transport modes can benefit.

TCP International supports their clients in planning, design and implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems for both road and rail systems. Our experts have hands-on experience in developing ITS systems for urban roads, highways, heavy rail, light rail, and bus systems. Based on our deep understanding, not only of the technical aspects of ITS, but also of the cultural, behavioural, legal, institutional and organisational challenges when designing and implementing ITS systems, we carefully and competently guide our clients to a successful operation.

We provide

  • ITS Planning (ITS strategy, ITS master plan, ITS framework, ITS integration plan)

  • ITS Design (ITS architecture, ITS design studies, ITS specifications, ITS functional requirements, concept of operations, ITS implementation plan)

  • ITS Tendering (preparation of tender documents, evaluation of offers)

  • ITS Implementation (project management, supervision, quality control)

  • ITS Operation and Improvements (interim management and operation, upgrade, enhancement, integration, and optimisation of existing ITS systems)

Our clients relate on our know-how in the following fields:

  • Urban road systems (e.g. parking management, urban traffic control, guidance systems)

  • Inter-urban highway systems (highway traffic management, incident management, demand management,

  • Satellite navigation systems (using live information via e.g. TMC or TPEG)

  • Electronic tolling systems (satellite based or short range communication)

  • Fare collection systems (including smart card and cashless payment)

  • Public transport management (e.g. monitoring, scheduling, signal priority, service dispatch)

  • Intermodal traffic management (e.g. intermodal traffic control centre, intermodal information sharing)

We are used to work on the basis of international guidelines, such as the European ITS Framework Architecture, the US National ITS Architecture, or the ISO ITS reference architecture. We work according to national and local standards. But in the end, we develop tailor-made solutions. Our approach brings together the different needs of users, actors and stakeholders. Policy goals, budgetary restrictions, ancestral responsibilities of agencies and institutions, economic interests, technological feasibility, and last but not least the public interest have to meet in a customised and individual solution every time.

In brief, TCP International supports their clients in making best use of their infrastructure and vehicles through individually designed and implemented advanced technologies and communications.

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