System Design, Operation and Maintenance

Technical systems are being developed to solve a problem best possible and to offer maximum benefit to their users. Systems engineering tools make sure that the final product offers the required functions with minimised investment and operation cost.

TCP International supports public institutions, system vendors, industry, decision-making bodies and agencies, banks, and other institutions in developing and evaluating the optimum road transport and/or transit system for their specific needs. Pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, design projects and system implementation projects cover the different system design phases. We develop functional requirements, qualitative requirements, and related requirements like locations and areas. After elaborating the concept of operations, our experts define components and interfaces, and prepare specifications.

Further services, where we successfully support our clients, are: Preparation of tender documents, supporting the tender procedure, selection of bidders, supervision, factory acceptance tests, component acceptance tests, putting into operation, and general system optimisation.

Our clients benefit of our know how in the following types of transport systems:


Guided transit systems

  • Tramway, Light Rail, Metro

  • Railway (Heavy Metro, Suburban Railway, Long distance Railway, Cargo Railway)

  • Unconventional and advanced transit systems, like people mover, monorail, ropeway for public transport

None guided transit systems

  • Bus (Diesel, Gas, Hybrid, Trolley)

  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

  • Other unconventional systems, such as taxi bus, citizens' bus / voluntary public transport

Road transport systems

  • Expressway systems

  • Urban network systems

  • Right of way

  • Vehicles

  • Control systems and information systems / signalling

  • Control centres / ITS

  • Information technology and telecommunication

  • Electro-mechanical equipment

  • Power supply

  • Maintenance facilities

In order to successfully develop and implement complex technical systems, TCP International follows an interdisciplinary approach of systems engineering. Our professional work is based on systems engineering standards, such as the V-Model. Technical standards like DIN and EN, regulations such as the German BOStrab for urban rail systems, principles of project management and risk management are the basis of our daily work.