Professional Analytical Services and Tools

Comprehensive quantitative analytics form the basis for all planning services of TCP International. TCP International uses latest geoinformation systems (GIS) and statistical programming packages to accomplish such analyses. Besides the use of these analytical tools, it is utmost important to use scalable, actual and detailed geodata as input to all analyses. TCP International relies on using the well-known comprehensive RRG GIS Database, which makes information available in all modes of transport for the whole of Europe, and supports organizations in designing, implementing and maintaining similar databases.

Based upon these tools and technologies, TCP International is offering the following professional analytical services:

  • Geodatabases: Design, development, establishment, operation and monitoring of geodatabase in the fields of transport, for instance for monitoring traffic flows, frequencies in public transport and other important key indicators.

  • Statistical analyses: TCP International is conducting quantitative statistical analysis and visualization of key indicators for transport planning, such as transport demand, modal split, travel times, and others.

  • Accessibility analyses and service areas: For private and public investments, it is important to know actual demand for existing or planned facilities. TCP International offers GIS-based calculation and analysis of travel times, accessibility, service areas and service demand potential of different facilities of all types, such as banks, post offices, hospitals, schools, shopping centres, cinemas, firms, office buildings etc. TCP International emphasis on implementing innovative approaches, which are best adapted to your individual analytical question.

  • Cartography and visualization: Maps are worth a thousand words. TCP International is visualizing analysis results with professional cartographic tools. Innovative maps and forms of illustration, as well as usage of different output media such as A0 maps, reports, web graphics or animations, will be developed according to your needs.

  • Web applications in the transport sector: You wish to develop (interactive) web applications in the transport sector, for instance to illustrate actual traffic flows, travel times, vehicle fleets, capacity constraints or construction sites? TCP International is at your disposal assisting you in the design, development and implementation of such web applications.

Professional analytical services of TCP International

  • Current market value investigations for railway infrastructures

  • Current market value investigations for railway rolling stock

  • Current market value investigations for maintenance facilities

  • Expert's report about railway infrastructure

  • Expert's report about railway rolling stock

  • Analyses of acciedents in railway transport

  • Expert's report about railway systems

  • Independent checking reviews about system plannings (railway and publick transport)

  • Independent checking reviews about economical studies

  • Accessibility and service area analyses

  • Market potential and demand analyses

  • Traffic flow and good´s flows analyses